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My name is Zack Mentz. I've been building websites for over 20 years. My first professional website was for a car mechanic shop that I built when I was in middle school. Ever since then, I've continued to grow with the different website technologies -- from geocities to wordpress -- and have built over 250 websites to date for different businesses around Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

I really enjoy building sites. With each site, I get to learn about another business and what it is that makes them unique and who their clients are. I've gotten to tour Turkey Bacon facilities, popcorn tin assembly plants, haunted houses, and several more cool things.

I also get to troubleshoot other developer's code, which is always fun.

For the majority of my career, I've worked freelance: white labeling my sites for advertising agencies and marketing companies. Although I loved everything about small businesses and I owned Loci House, LLC, I never really made the leap into going into business for myself.

I have worked with Zack for a few years and had a great experience with him. It’s difficult finding a web designer that is knowledgable but is also reliable and communicative and Zack has all of these traits. He would also go above and beyond with his work by doing additional things that I did not ask of him to make my overall experience a positive one. I would recommend Zack not only because of who he is as a person but for his expertise as well.


Our company went through 3 web designers/technicians before we hired Zack. He very quickly and efficiently proved his expertise and got to the root of several website design issues and WordPress hiccups that we had had for months. He also easily explained possible solutions for us in simple terms, giving us options for choosing which priorities would make sense to solve first. It has been a great relief to rely on him for website maintenance and problem solving so that we can 100% focus on handling our business.