There are several ways to bridge the gap between online communities and real-world communities. Loci House can help build networking groups that can be built both on and offline. However, if you own a business that is looking for a unique advertising approach and can benefit from a visual marketing campaign, a dynamic map might be a good choice. Online maps can have have several applications, including:
  • Business Networks
  • Floor Plans
  • Museums
  • Parks
  • Malls
  • Anywhere that has a spatial layout with different information

The Loci House team can not only design your map, but also develop an online version that let's visitors get a virtual tour of your locations from anywhere. However, we go beyond just arranging your locations in one spot, we make those locations dynamic.

What is a dynamic map?

A dynamic map allows you to view an area in ways that can be customized by the users.  In other words, unlike a regular printed map, dynamic maps will let users interact with them so they can get better context for the information they really want to know.  Users can have the ability to search across maps for specific keywords and see the location of their results highlighted.  They can filter a collection of shops by specific categories and show only those related to what they're looking for.  Or, a dynamic map can show a collection of stores that will let the user get information about that store just by hovering over it and that information can be dynamically updated by the individual store owner!

There are several options for designing the look and feel of a map as well as giving it dynamic life.  See some options in the tabs to the right, or contact us to find out more about how we can help you strengthen the link between your online site and it's real-world counterpart.

Flash & Dynamic HTML Maps

With Flash and Dynamic HTML, Loci House can create an online map that is unique, good looking, easy-to-maintain, and interactive.

Interactive maps mean that we'll create a map for you that can be controlled easily on the backend to provide users with an intuitive front-end interface that will help them quickly connect with the information they're looking for.  That includes:

  • Animated features
  • Ability to zoom in and out to any level
  • Add moving elements to replace static text
  • Hover-over effects to provide information at a glance
  • Ability to easily update the text that appears in an info bubble through an XML file
  • Highlight special feature locations
  • Provide functionality to the map that lets you sort items by genre
  • Build a map app that’s easily rendered on a mobile phone
Through Flash and Dynamic HTML, we have a level of control beyond ordinary map software and google map integration.  We can not only design with pixel-perfect accuracy the look and feel of the map itself, but we also have 100% control over the functionality built in to the map itself. 

Best yet, once we are finished creating the interactive map, we will be able to turn the source code entirely over to you so you can be assured it will stay online as long as your website does and if any of the maps need tweaking in the future, you have the material to get it done on your own time instead of relying on a third party.

See demo of this map by clicking here.

See demo of this map by clicking here.

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