• Map Making with 3D Design

  • Design and Development

  • Community Building

Welcome to Loci House!

Loci House offers location-focused community-building tools for the Bucks County and surrounding areas.

Everyone is part of a community, whether it's a networking group that gets together every week to discuss industry news, or an online group used to share photos and stories with friends.

Loci House aims to strengthen those community ties.  We supercharge websites with their own facebook-style features to help you build a community solely around your business.  We build dynamic maps to help customers find your business on and off the internet.  And we help you design your sites and applications so new users can instantly get to where they want to go.

Look around and see how Loci House can help build a foundation for you.

email: zack@locihouse.com
phone: 215.948.2380