Application Front Ends

Whether you are creating a website or the front end of an application, the look and feel of your products plays a crucial role in its usability.  Loci House specializes in front-end development.

Our focus includes:

  • Creating a semi-functional mockup of an interface you wish to present to investors
  • Creating wireframes and storyboards for larger software projects
  • Creating interactive menus to launch applications
  • Create a website's front end
  • Create a sharepoint or custom CMS's front end

Front end development

I have a designer and a coder for my project, what else do I need?

There are many occasions in the creation of a new website or application where the need to bridge the gap between back end source code and front end design can come up.  Usually, a graphic designer who prefers doing artwork is not also a developer, and a developer who would rather be writing code does not typically have the same skillset as a graphic designer.  When they work together, there is often an area of overlap that falls outside either one's comfort zone.

Loci House bridges these two sides of the project by providing front end development.  We focus on converting the raw output left by a developer into an easy-to-comprehend design.  Regardless if we do the design for the front end ourselves or not, we can take that design and integrate it with the behind-the-scenes source code.

For instance,  we can design the front end of a SharePoint website in photoshop, but we will also create that front end in SharePoint with cusom template-creation, custom web parts, and custom HTML, CSS and Javascript.  

We can also bridge the gap between normal websites and their backend source (via PHP or ASP) or tie an application's front end design to the backend source code, regardless of the language.


Regardless to what language is driving the backend of your application, we can make the front end intuitive and aesthetic.  Java, C#, VB, or more--we will help bridge the gap between your functioning code and the user interface.

We start the process not at the drawing table, but rather with the development team to understand the major features of the application and their purpose in the broader business sense.  After researching the application's capabilities, we'll create a simple proposal of how the interface might be created to provide an intuitive way for end users to access its relevant sections.

We understand that all software goes through a lifecycle of revisions and changes in scope which is why we will be flexible in our design and provide revised visions of the product for each iteration of the SDLC.  


Have an idea for an application, but you want to see if there's any interest from investors?  Maybe you have the design of the application drawn out in a handful of images, but you're having a difficult time articulating how the application flows from one screen to another?

HTA's might be the perfect solution to giving your mockup a level of interactivity beyond just images, without needing to get into any heavy (or expensive) coding.

HTA's are applications that are written in pure HTML and provide all the interactivity of a website built-in.  Through HTAs you can display what looks like an application, with dynamical elements that can take your flat mockup to the next level.

Instead of just showing pictures, you will be able to show how the different images interact through links, scroll bars, and dynamic javascript.  HTA's are a cheaper, non-compiled alternative to adding some dynamic functionality to your mockups.


All websites are coded in HTML.  It is the universal language of the web.  CSS, similarly, is widely used to style different aspects of HTML and JQuery to make that HTML dynamic.

At Loci House, we are web experts and fluent in HTML, CSS, and Javascript libraries like JQuery.  With our branding and design experts, we can create a meaningful and invoking design to fit your website. 


A picture is worth a thousand words so why not spell out your vision for a software project through a unique design.  Whether it's a PowerPoint slide showing prospective uses of an upcoming software release or a template for a handful of SharePoint sites, each will be meticulously designed and well-thought out to help you reach your audience in a way words can't.

mockup designed to show interface for application

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