No matter the finished product, Loci House designs begin with understanding your business. It is crucial we understand your target audience and key demographics before sketching up designs. How else would we know what kind of message the design should send?

Loci House does custom web development, application interface creation, and email marketing using the same process. We first research your company's goals and resources. We try to answer questions in our design that may not be immediately evident like, will it be difficult to make future changes? Will the design be reusable across diverse media? Does it create the right impression? Only after thoroughly understanding your market and goals, do we start building.

See how our Design and Development team can help, no matter what your project is:

Web Development

Loci House does custom web development and can create your website from the ground up with its own distinct HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.  However, we also like to leverage many of the popular libraries and frameworks that are tested, stable, and make your website more scalable for future updates.

Loci House thoroughly tests the compatibility of our online services across multiple platforms. Whether your users are on older versions of IE, Firefox, Opera, etc. or have uniquely sized monitors / resolutions, we’ll make sure the services delivered are not only functional, but also good looking.

Our sites follow search engine best practices to make sure after it's built, it's easy-to-find.  Contact us to learn more about how we can bump up your ratings on the search engines or...

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Application Front Ends

Design is more than nice aesthetics. It's also about usability. When someone opens your website, application, or mockup, does the interface make it intuitive for them to get around?

Understanding why you want someone to use your site or application helps determine what features should take priority.  If you have a site created to sell clothes online, then you should have a design that makes it as easy to browse clothes and check out as possible.

Before a single line is drawn, members of Loci House will research the goal of your page or application to understand the why.  During this time, we'll discover which elements should take priority, which functionality is consistent, and what's the driving business force for the project.  Only after a thorough understanding does the design work begin.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective methods of reaching your intended market.  It allows you to keep in contact with your clients and keep them up-to-date with what's happening with your business.

Loci House can help you with each stage of the process.  We'll help form your content and design your email so it's viewable in all major email clients.  We'll code the email as a mini-web page and put it on your site so it's always accessible and can be used in whatever marketing tool (mailChimp, Constant Contact, or more) you decide to use.

After we create the mailing, we'll test it across several mail clients to make sure that once you send it, your  audience receives a thoughtful, solidly programmed, and meaningful item in their inbox.

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