Community Building

For many business, being able to bring people together is crucial for success.  Being well-connected with members of your industry is not only helpful for establishing good contacts, but can be critical to finding the right customers.  

Chambers of commerce, networking groups like BNI or LeTip, and unions can help foster external social networks.

Online, social networking might include facebook fan pages, a twitter account to keep customers up-to-date, and blogs.

Loci House understands the importance of maintaining those good relationships which is why we foster community building both on and off the internet.  In addition to traditional routes to social networking, we can help strengthen your presence within a community.


Leveraging the power of online communities allows you to take your website beyond traditional information-only spots to places that provide true online networking.  Imagine having your own version of facebook completely themed to match your site and advertising your business on every page where members are trading information with each other.  The more the membership grows, the more prominent your business becomes without any additional work!  Benefits include:

  • Your company's own online community
  • Content-building by members (which search engines love)
  • Shared Photo albums
  • Shared videos
  • Member blogs, polls, forums and more
  • More traffic automatically coming to your site
Check out the different options for online community builders in the tabs on the right.


Loci House is based in Pennsylvania and serves small businesses in the Bucks/Montgomery county area and Philadelphia.  We work closely with local businesses and charities to foster a relationship between clients in the area.  With all local partner's help, we offer:

  • mailings to clients (holiday cards and letters)
  • holiday parties
  • map integration
  • charity events
  • custom theater performances


Ning is the world’s largest platform for creating social websites. Top organizers, marketers, influencers, and activists use Ning to create an online destination that weaves social conversations in content and inspire action. Based in Palo Alto, California, Ning makes it easy for brands of all shapes and sizes to build custom and powerful social websites.

Ning offers several out-of-the-box features including:

  • Branding & Visual Design Freedom
  • Unique Member Profiles
  • Moderation & Privacy
  • Invite and Share
  • Latest Activity
  • RSS Feeds
  • Photos and Videos
  • Chat
  • Groups
  • Discussion Forum
  • Blogs for Every Member
  • Events
  • Ning Apps

We will help set you up with your own ning account with a custom design.  Once set up, you'll be able to manage your own user community and invite others to join.  It will be just like your own version of facebook, but themed however you want to best promote your business, networking group, or event.

Click here to see screenshot of ning site for theater company, Without a Cue


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